The World before the dawn of History


Code V5: (DVD ONLY)

  • Produced >20 years ago
  • Support Material available for download
  • Suitable for ages 11-16

This DVD contains 3 programs

Program 1

A detailed appraisal of the lives of people in the Lower, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic period.

The video uses unique footage of flint implements being made and the study of indigenous groups in Africa and Australia to deduce possible parallels with Palaeolithic societies.

Program 2

An examination of the lives of people in northern Europe at the end of the last great ice age.

Using the experience of university students who relive Mesolithic material culture, this video gives a stimulating insight into the practical problems faced by the inhabitants of Europe at this time.

Program 3

This video is a detailed examination of the techniques of flint tool manufacture. With a fascinating mixture of normal and high speed photography, graphics and stone tools actually being made, this video is a definitive assessment of the manufacture of core, flake and blade tools and how to recognise such tools.

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