Ancient Egypt
The World of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Monuments of an Ancient Land

  • Code R2
  • DVD Video - Duration: 12 narrated segments plus bonus material
  • Produced 2011
  • Suitable for ages 12+

This DVD introduces your students to some of the great architectural feats of the ancient Egyptians. Using narrated programs, the DVD explores 12 locations including the Karnak Temple, Deir el-Bahri, Deir el-Medina, Abu Simbel and the pyramid complexes at both Giza and Saqqara. Using actual footage and computer generated reconstructions, these programs allow your students to see what survives today and how the monuments would have once looked in all their coloured glory.

In addition, the DVD contains bonus material including a 1969 documentary showing the dismantling and reconstruction of the temple complexes at Abu Simbel (15 mins), a narrated tour of the most sumptuous New Kingdom tomb of them all - the Tomb of Nefertari (4 mins) and an animated sequence of archival photographs showing major monuments in the late nineteenth century. There is a further program that allows the viewer to guide themselves around a digitally recreated Karnak Temple.

Presented in digestible segments, this DVD will give your students a great understanding of the ancient monuments of Egypt.

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Luxor Medinet Habu

An Autopsy of Three Egyptian Mummies

  • Code A7
  • DVD Video - Duration: 30 minutes
  • Filmed at the Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney
  • Produced by Astarte Resources © 1998
  • Suitable for ages 12+

A priest from Thebes, a temple cult-singer and a twelve year old girl, all ancient Egyptians who died over two thousand years ago, recently became the focus of a fascinating study.

In a long overdue autopsy, these mummies were placed under the scrutiny of modern science to uncover information about their lifestyles - and what may have killed them.

Archaeologists, surgeons and scientists worked together to gain valuable knowledge about these ancient individuals - without damaging them in any way. A delicate task accomplished by the use of X-rays, CAT scans and keyhole endoscopic surgery.

The video follows the progress of this examination at the Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney and includes unique footage taken from the inside of an unwrapped mummy. With explanations of the process of mummification, this video will be of use to all classes studying Ancient Egypt, along with those concentrating on Science & Archaeology and Ethics & Archaeology.

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  • Code V1
  • DVD Video - Duration: 30 minutes
  • Filmed on location in Egypt
  • Support Material available for download
  • Produced >20 years ago
  • Suitable for ages 11-16

A very useful resource for an introduction to ancient Egyptian society. This video uses footage of the tomb art and architecture of Egypt to illustrate the everyday life of workers and rulers.

Farming, manufacturing, food, hunting, sport, games and social events are all covered in a way which clearly introduces students to these activities.

Presented with a new introduction, this video is a valuable reminder of the richness, beauty and historical significance of Egyptian art.

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Luxor_Deir el-Bahri