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A Classroom Activity Kit

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133 pages of activities (K-6) that explores the local history of your school and its community.

THINK LOCAL! explores the New South Wales Human Society and its Environment curriculum to uncover many instances where teachers can use the curriculum to study the history of a school and its local neighbourhood.

THINK LOCAL! is designed to help promote the study of history and an understanding of the importance of heritage.

THINK LOCAL! has over 130 pages of activities that will make these investigations meaningful, challenging and fun for your students.

THINK LOCAL! is a self-contained CD ROM used by teachers to access a range of activities, activity descriptions and additional resources.

THINK LOCAL! is applicable to classes K-6.

Our heritage is the evidence of our history - places, customs and knowledge that we value and want to pass on to future generations. Helping children to learn about heritage and appreciate the history of their local communities is a vital step in encouraging them to care for these important places and rituals.

In NSW, the Human Society and its Environment curriculum provides wonderful opportunities for learning about local history and heritage; from family history in Early Stage 1 to the more formal and structured Stage 3 units related to local government and the planning system. 

Think Local! is a stand-alone resource, suitable for celebrating the history of any primary school or community, while still offering work units from the HSIE curriculum.

The kit includes a unified sequence of activities for all age groups, an outline for schools to create cross-class celebrations and exhibitions and stand-alone modules which individual years or classes can undertake by themselves.

The Think Local! kit contains:

  • 1 x CD ROM with background booklet.
  • 1 x Blackline Master Booklet with 133 activities.
  • Suitable K-6

Booklet Examples

  • To view a sample of the activities (1600k): Click Here.

To view these samples you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Select ‘Bookmarks’ to see the teaching level of each sample.


This kit has been developed by Godden Mackay Logan Heritage Consultants and Astarte Resources. The Author is Ben Churcher while the concept was originated by Prof. Richard Mackay AM. Teachers, students and parents associated with Lindfield Primary School were instrumental in the formation and development of this project.

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