A Letter from Cairo
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What has happened to John James Leigh?

Find out in a realistic whodunit set in the ancient land of Egypt.

A Letter from Cairo includes:

  • 10 x Student Evidence booklets (16 pages A4). Sufficient for 10 students if working individually, or 20 students if working in pairs (as is recommended)
  • 1 x Student Activity booklet including instructions and 8 pages of student activities that may be photocopied for use in the classroom

A Letter from Cairo presents students with over 25 pieces of evidence that they can use to work out why their friend John Leigh has mysteriously disappeared in Cairo. In doing so, they will examine the evidence, order it chronologically, evaluate it for relevance and use it to support a theory - all vital skills for the study of history.

Using modern and realistic evidence, students work through a series of activities that encourage them to become detectives on the trail of a mystery. The activities are designed for small group work and could be used with any class to help answer the question, "What is History?".

A Letter from Cairo is designed to enhance history students' analytical skills and engender group work while allowing history teachers to introduce their subject in an enjoyable and productive manner.

Order a kit today and see how your students can unravel this whodunit - while they learn vital historical skills.

Booklet Examples

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